Running a Fire Team

Running a volunteer fire organisation needs you to comply with particular rules and regulations. This means consulting the right legal persons such as the employment law solicitors birmingham experts. A volunteer fire service is regarded as an organisation, and like any other organisation out there, the fire service handles a number of tasks, which range from administration to fire marshal functions. Many fire units operate under the mandate of the fire district. Laws vary in different cities, and you should be in a position to observe all the necessary regulations needed to manage the volunteer fire service.

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What does it take to run the Fire Unit?

The process puts into considerations a lot of things:

One, you have to consider the staff functions. You cannot run a fire organisation on your own. You require individuals who share your passion to volunteer. All of them don't have to be fire marshals as there are departments within the fire service that do not directly involve going into the field and performing fire rescue duties. For example, you will need someone to answer the calls and to coordinate the response team. You will also require psychologists to offer counselling service to the victims.

Two, you should consider the administrative functions of the organisation. In this case, you are expected to have committees that handle the various administrative duties in the fire service. The committee gets to handle matters such as financial auditing, memberships, and welfare programmes. Depending on the growth of your volunteer fire service, you will be expected to incorporate more administrative posts. This is to make sure that the management team is not weighed down by the increase in demand for firefighting service.

Lastly, if you choose to manage the fire organisation, you should know that you are responsible for the whole unit. As the fire chief, you should oversee all the operations of the fire service. You are also responsible for monitoring the financial details of the fire service and make sure that you report the dealings to the relevant state agents.

What are the Legal Requirements for Running the Volunteer Fire Service?

One of the most important requirements to run a volunteer fire service is having a written document. The document outlines the rules and regulations needed to safely run the fire firm. The employment law solicitors Birmingham experts recommend the following sets of written documents to be availed in any volunteer fire service:

a) Fire Constitution

b) Fire Bylaw

c) General Guides

d) Policy Book

The constitution governs the business aspects of your fire organisation. The document outlines the departmental structures of the volunteer fire service. The document highlights the fire needs of the marshal and the corporate. Other vital details reflected in the constitution include:

- Membership classes

- Meeting schedules

- Special provisions

As for the bylaw, the document describes how your fire organisation will be run. Some of the details to be reflected in the bylaw include:

- Disciplinary procedures

- Leave provisions

- Training requirements

- House rules

- Legal compliance

- Standing committee

The Policy Book and General Guides provide similar working details to the bylaw. You can decide to include any of the four fire documents but the compulsory ones are the bylaw and the Fire Constitution.


Overall, the process of running and managing a successful volunteer fire service is easy if you abide by the set rules. Complying with the town's regulations assures you of effective firefighting provisions. A responsive fire unit is every community's delight. You get to make your community proud when you offer quality volunteer firefighting service.